Jun 8, 2011


Delicious Bhojanam (भोजनं)
Hey friends this blog is all and all about food food and more food.
Years of passion towards cooking has made me start a blog. :) :)
I always have a view that food is the ultimatum to make a person smile and fulfill his/her heart.
I am happy to share recipes which i have been doing all along.
I wish to also post your valuable comments / if, u require any recipe by which i can help you.
It's not only about international cuisine but, also our traditional cooking which most of them think its outdated.
As the blog is just started i have managed to open 6 pages which would lead you to tasty recipes.

I would also post a daily tip on my main home board.

Any new cuisine restaurants also will be posted for you to have a check on them ;)
Enjoy making food and also being a foodie :):) It does matters a lot to your life.

Check out the new page FESTIVAL DELIGHTS. To start with
sweet and savoury is presented for you.

Check out facts about Potatoes, Chillies & Tomaotes. More to come.

New page launched today " DID YOU KNOW???"
I have tried to bring out facts about food & their hidden secrets.
Your valuable comments are also welcome.

Today a new page has been added "EASY SNACK" check this out.
In order to keep the spring onions fresh for long days. Finely chop them lengthwise into strings / threads and keep in a bowl of water. Refrigerate the same. Use it for garnishing it would create a presence for the dish.

If, your liquid gravy's get slightly burnt-- Take out immediately transfer to another bowl.
    Cool it and add  few spoons of vinegar. Mix well grind them.
    Again start frying them in the pan. If, over burnt please do not use this tip :)

To remove garlic skin without any hassel - Keep the pods in the deep fridge in a air tight box.
    After 2-3 days you can easily peel of the skin without the pods pricking you finger skin :)  

* If you have high Blood Pressure. There is a home remedy. Boil the green coriander leaves in water.
    Strain the water and drink early morning. Your BP level would show improvement.
    If it taste bit bland add bit pepper powder and a pinch of salt.

* Need onions to fry very fast ??? Add a pinch of salt to it. Onions absorbs salt and gets cooked faster.
* Do not keep any metal spoon inside a pickle or chutney bottle this would reduce their shelf life.

* If, your tomato puree doesn't have the red colour do not panic add few spoons of tomato ketchup to the puree and heat them adding water. Your gravy would become colourful and tangy. Avoid tomato sauce.

* In order to make your dosa crisp and brown as you get in restaurants - Mix some sugar to the batter and pour it on to the tawa. Also you can rub onion with oil on to it on tawa before u pour the batter. Always add less of oil and spread the batter evenly in oval shape instead of round and keep onside on high flame so that they turn brown. Do not pour batter when on high flame. Lower down flame and then spread the batter