Sep 20, 2011


Pudina / Mint leaves - 1 whole bunch
Channa Dall / Gram Dhal - 2 cups
Urad Dall - 1/2 cup
Dry red chillies - 6-7 (depending upon how much hot u require)
Asefetida -1/4 tsp

Method / Vidhie:
1. Wash completely the Pudina / Mint leaves to take out mud & other dust from it.
2. Pluck the leaves from each stem and keep aside.
3. Dry these leaves under sun. If you do not get direct sunlight dry them under fan.
4. Make sure the leaves turn a bit brown and not a single amount of water is present.
5. It is advisable to wash and dry the leaves atleast three days before you make the powder.
6. Heat a pan. On to it add channa dall, urad dall and dry roast till they turn light brown in colour.
7. Do not over heat them so that they turn into black colour.
8. Now dry roast the red chillies which the stem on it.
9. Pluck the stem once u have roasted them.
10. Add asefetida and salt separately and roast them in the pan after turning off the heat.
11. Add the pudina / mint leaves to the pan and just saute them in the heat that is present in the pan.

12. In a mixer add the dalls, chillies, asfetida, salt, pudina and grind them.

13. Grind them till they become a good soft powder.
14. Take the powder from the mixer put them on to a plate and cool them down.
15. Store them in an air tight container. You can keep the container even in deep freezer.
16. Keeping the container outside also stays for 1 month.

Keep hot white rice. On it add sesame oil or ghee and mix well.
Add the Pudina / Mint gun powder mix well and its ready to eat.

Few interesting facts:
Pudina has a unique medicinal quality to make the stomach ache vanish.
Its aroma brings a unique sense of freshness even after it is dried.
This gun powder is originated from southern part of India and it is eaten before the sambhar /rasam.
It can also be taken as a condiment by mixing sesame oil / ghee for puffed idllies & dosas.
Enjoy being a foodie.

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