1. This shouldn't be a tip but, have come across many making a mistake while making chappatis or paranthas. Whenever, you are making a chappati,pranthas or parotas put oil/butter/ghee once you find light brown spots on both sides of the bread. Greasing the Indian bread before it is done would lead to lesser shelf life of the product/there is a possibility that it might hamper your stomach.
    2. To retain the green dark colour of spinach even after boiling and grinding..immerse them into hot boiling water for a minute, once they turn soft immediately transfer them on to a ice cold water or water mixed with ice cubes. Immerse them for 2 mins. Drain water and use as you need. Colour stays dark and eye catchy!!
    3. Always try to de-seed the dry red chilly. As it is very harmful for your intestines and stomach. Can cause irritability to your system.
    4. Before serving any cold beverage in a glass..chill the empty glass in the fridge for at least ten minutes. So that even if you are not adding ice cubes to the drink you can still serve it chill. Try it !!!
    5. In order to keep bitter gourd fresh in the fridge.. break them into 2 or 3 bits.
    6. This tip might be a known one but ignored by many. Avoid keeping stuffs in the fridge that are hot or right from the cook top. This makes the temperature inside the fridge rise. Indirectly the food stuff which you intend to store cool will have rise in temperature and would tend to get spoiled soon. Hence, bring it down to room temperature and then refrigerate.
    7. Try adding soaked poha/Aval/flattened rice while grinding for your Idli/Dosa batter. This helps the batter to turn white and the idlli's fluffier! 
    8. Always remember any gravy or a liquid dish once it starts boiling lower the flame to low or medium. You must be aware the boiling point of water is 100 deg.. there is no point in keeping the flame on high. It's just the waste of the fuel or the electricity you are consuming.So next time try it and more over slow heat cooking makes any dish more tastier. 
    9. Want to store onions that are peeled?? Keep them in the container in which vinegar is filled air tight in fridge. Try cutting of the white nodes to avoid smell. 
    10. Always take of the first few top leaves of the lemon grass as they tend to be hard and may change the flavor of the dish. 
    11. While grating lemon rind/Orange rind/Sweet lime rind..grate carefully slowly until you see the white coat of the them. White coat a bit may spoil you dish and make it bitter. 
    12. To make tamarind pulp thicker try adding lukewarm water while soaking..this certainly saves time and also thick pulp can be extracted. 
    13. Always pluck the roots off from the green coriander and store it in fridge. This leads to longevity of freshness in them. 
    14.  Never cook with your heart filled with grudges,hatred, would definitely show the same on the plate while u serve...philosophical food thought :)   
    15. Shelf life of til oil increases and remains fresh when kept in refrigerator.
    16. To make the dal or any lentil cook faster and get mashed add few drops of cooking oil to it.
    17. To keep the Idli/Dosa batter fresh do not add salt until its fermented. Secondly, add salt to only the quantity that you are going to use. Helps in longer shelf life and freshness to the batter.
    18. Blanching tomato ??? Do make one X mark with a knife at the top of tomato. This helps in blanching them deep through inside and makes them soft. This also helps you to peel of the skins easily.
    19. Light on Indian tadka spices-- It's harmful to human system if mustard,jeera,saunf,cloves,cinnamon do not get tempered and spluttered fully. Mustards are always to be spluttered well in order to avoid formation of gallbladder stones.
    20. Get to know some Anti-Cancer fruits - Apple,Grapes, Blueberries,Avocado,Dragon Fruit,Pomegranate,Strawberries,Kiwi,Citrus fruits,Mangosteen
    21. Fenugreek seeds are the best kitchen ingredient which can cool down your system. If, you happen to get boils on your face or your tummy seems to be troubled by heat.. Soak 1-2 tbs of fenugreek/Methi/Vendheyium seeds in 1 1/2 glass of water for 6-7 hrs. Drink the extracted water in empty stomach for at least a week. The soaked seeds there after can be crushed to paste and used as a conditioner for hair :))
    22. Never eat the center / seeds of the Capsicum / Bell Pepper. It can be the cause of Gal Bladder stones.
    23.  Soak Raisins in water and then crushing them in same water. They are to be strained and skin to be discarded. Extracted water becomes a tonic medicine for febrile cases i.e relating to fever. Few lemon drops added to it makes it more tasteful and useful.. Well Raisins are also good source for those who wish to gain weight.
    24. Have warm water after having any creamy, oily, dry foods. This helps less sediment deposits along the side walls of your food pipe. Also helps in easy digestion. Avoid cold water it is the worst enemy for digestion.
    25. To have a long shelf life of semolina /sooji/rava. Dry roast it, cool it and store it in an air tight container.
    26.  In order to store coriander leaves always pluck off their roots and store it in an airy bag. 
    27.  When you make ghee from the unsalted butter. Have you ever felt that few more drops of ghee are left over in the pan. Well here is a solution. Add some Atta/Wheat flour/Godumai mav to the ghee left over plus few spoons of ghee roast it in medium heat. Now a simple ready to eat Atta ghee sweet is ready.. Try it :) At my home my granny used to do the same in order not to waste things plus to give a treat to kids.
    28.  To avoid too much of fermentation during summer of idli batter add ice cold water or ice cubes during the last grinding process of batter. This avoid over fermentation.
    29.  To make the Idli or Dosa batter soft you can soak Fenugreek/Vendhayam/Methi seeds for 7-8 hrs and grind it along with the batter. This will make the dosa more brownish. Make the batter more fluffy. You can also add soaked flattened rice flakes/Poha/Aval just for 10mins and grind it along with batter.
    30.  When using Elaichi/Elakai/Cardamom pods. Do not throw away the upper skin. Instead put them inside the tea powder container. The next time you make your favorite tea the skin of cardamom would make wonders. The aroma it brings is just amazing.
    31.  To make you Indian gravy's which has onions in it to make it more tasty. Try first sauteing the onions in onions till they turn pink transparent. Cool them and grind them. Now use it to make gravy and proceed with the same process to saute the gravy. It cut shorts the time to take of the raw smell from gravy. Gravy tastes even more good.
    32.  To make chappathis or rotis soft add warm water or 4-5 tbs of warm milk. This process is good when you are making it in a hurry and don't have time to keep the dough aside.
    33.  Add bit of sugar to any green peas dish. This will certainly enhance the taste of green peas and bring out its natural sweetness. TRY IT :)
    34.  When you cut apple and not going to use immediately add few drops of lemon on top of it to avoid de-clouring or u can even put them in water.
    35.  Always pluck the upper portion of the green chilies and store them in fridge. This would make their longevity more.
    36.  While making Pongal add half cup milk and two and half cups water along with ghee. You would get the best yummy Pongal.
    37.  When you cut the bread slices do not throw away the sides. Instead cut them and keep in a zip lock cover in deep fridge. You can use them as rusks to compliment the soup. Fry them crisp and use them.
    38.  If, you sambhar gets bit over salty.. don't panic add few potatoes they  would take excess salt.
    39.  If, your liquid gravy's get slightly burnt-- Take out immediately transfer to another bowl.Cool it and add  few spoons of vinegar. Mix well grind them.
    40. Again start frying them in the pan. If, over burnt please do not use this tip :)
    41.  To remove garlic skin without any hassle - Keep the pods in the deep fridge in a air tight box. After 2-3 days you can easily peel of the skin without the pods pricking you finger skin :)  
    42.  If you have high Blood Pressure. There is a home remedy.Boil the green coriander leaves in water.Strain the water and drink early   morning. Your BP level would show improvement.If it taste bit bland add bit pepper powder and a pinch of salt.
    43.  Need onions to fry very fast ??? Add a pinch of salt to it. Onions absorbs salt and gets cooked faster.
    44.  Do not keep any metal spoon inside a pickle or chutney bottle this would reduce their shelf life.
    45.  If, your tomato puree doesn't have the red colour do not panic add few spoons of tomato ketchup to the puree and heat them adding water. Your gravy would become colourful and tangy. Avoid tomato sauce.
    46.  In order to make your dosa crisp and brown as you get in restaurants - Mix some sugar to the batter and pour it on to the tawa. Also you can rub onion with oil on to it on tawa before u pour the batter. Always add less of oil and spread the batter evenly in oval shape instead of round and keep onside on high flame so that they turn brown. Do not pour batter when on high flame. Lower down flame and then spread the batter.