AWARD 2013 - From Chennai Food Guide Portal for maximum number of recipes posted for the month of April-2013


Thank you so much my dear Deeps Yummy in the Tummy for awarding me the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Do check out her blog for her wonderful recipes

accepting this award, I agreed to complete the following tasks:
  • Recognize (and Thank!) the “sister” who presented me the award, and link to their blog in my post.
  • Copy and paste the award image.
  • Share seven interesting things about yourself.
  • Choose 7 or more other sister bloggers to receive the award, and let them know that they have received the award.
7 facts about myself: I love being expressive. A girl who loves people and likes to make food for them.
Loves to know new cuisines everyday. Loves blogging. New addict to her kitty. Keeps smiling.Can rely on her at any situation. Wanted to be a RJ, Singer , Journalist one day.. still belives days are there to ponder.

Iam excited to send the award to my favorite blogger sister's :)
Many ways you have all impressed me by your blogs.
Please take a few minutes to visit their sites as I am sure you will enjoy them as much as i do!

Well...well this is my second award. At 1:55am when my sleep got disturbed i came to add few more recipes on to my blog..and guess what i found a surprise of an award from Kavitha along with her comments. "LOVELY BLOGGER AWARD". It was really good that you get recogonised for the passion you follow.

Now passing on this lovely award to few more deserving food bloggers whom I have recently come across. I have now really started to love food blogging and I can foresee that future of mine would be definitely related to food. Sharing is at most fulfillment of what you do.
The chosen ones . I don’t want to make it as a cleche but, hey its an award and you people deserve it why don’t you feel as you have won a Miss world title :

1. Saranya Gopalan of Mykulinarykronicles.

2. Cherie of Cheriesstolenrecipes

3. Eftychia of Dreamofcakes

4. Madhavi Kapdi of Vegetarianmedley

5. Santhosh of SanthoshBhangar

  If you accept the award some of the rules and criteria to be followed are:
  • Create a post as I have done and thank a special friend on top of the post as I did.
  • Thank the person who gave you the award with a link back to their blog.
  •  Don't nominate bloggers whom you have already nominated for some other award.
  • Nominate atleast two new lovely bloggers who aren't your friends until now.This is to get to know new blogger friends.
  • I nominated 5, you can nominate as many as you want.
My Blog Delicious Bhojanam featured in one of the Foodie Blog website.. 
Super excited thanks to the team of Foodie Blogroll. Also thanks to my followers and people who visit the blog  :))) Pass this on and spread the love to lovely people around you!

 FOURTH AWARD :) d Award 27/July/2012

Thanks to  Gauri  – from Runnergirlinthekitchen  who shared'One Lovely Blog Award' with me. 

I share this award with the above friend bloggers !!

7 Things about me
* Mantra of life is to smile. So you can find by my smile  ;)
* Bit lazy towards exercises but, not any more now have pushed myself :)
* Sweet, lovable, caring bit naughty person as described by people around
* I try to be perfect on any work i do. Has both negative and positive effects though :)
* Loves to experiment everyday foods and so here on bloggers park :)
* Loves to travel, know histories & enjoy nature spread :)
* Ventured into motivating people & paintings :)


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