Jun 28, 2012

Jatpat Aaloo Tikki

Well this is a hatke of aaloo tikki and it is not the traditional one.

Serves -4

Aaloo/Potato/Urlakazangu - 5
Onion - 2
Rice flour - 4tbs
Atta/Wheat flour/ Godumai mav - 2 tbs
Channa dal ka atta / Gram flour/ Kadala mav - 4tbs
Bread crumbs - 25gms
Green chillies - 2
Green coriander - a bunch
Mint leaves - 10-12 (if preferred)
Turmeric powder - 1tbs
Red chilly powder - 1/2tbs
Chat masala - 1/2tbs
Gram masala - 1/2tbs
Jeera powder - 1/4tbs
Water - 3tbs if required to make the dough
Water to boil aaloo
Oil to shallow fry
Salt - 1tbs

1. Boil the potatoes and mash them smoothly without lumps.
2. Finely chop onions, green chillies, coriander leaves, mint leaves.
3. In a boil add the mashed potatoes, green chillies, mint, coriander leaves, dry masalas, salt and knead well.
4. Now add the rice flour, gram flour, atta mix well.
5. Sprinkle water if needed. Now add the bread crumbs and knead well.
6. Heat oil in a pan to shallow fry the tikki.
7. Make medium sized balls flatten them and keep 1inch thickness on sides.
8. Once the oil gets heated up shallow fry them.
9. Fry them till both the sides turn brown.
10. To make sides too brown with a help of spoon pour oil from pan on to each tikki so that the sides don't get dried up.
11. Take each tikki out once its done. Drain excess oil in a tissue paper.

Serve hot along with green chutney or hot chilly tomato sauce. 

Jun 16, 2012

Vazzaipoo Thengai Pulippu Peratal

Vazzaipoo or Banana Flower as mentioned before in few of my recipes has so much of medicinal properties. It is a real good additive to a women's nutrition chart. Pealing them of and cleaning them might be a time consuming task but, the end result is a nutritious one. The dish which am going to open up is a quick, tasty, minimal spices. Can be eaten along with rice, any form of bread or instead can be eaten as such.

Serves 4
Vazzaipoo/Banana flower - 1 medium
Coconut grated/Thengai thiruval - 3tbs
Mustard - 1tbs
Asafatida -1
Green chilly -1
Curry leaves - 1 arc
Lemon - small
Salt - 1 tbs
Water - 100ml
Oil - 1tbs
Water to soak - 250ml

1. Rub hands with any oil to avoid grease of flower sticking your hand.
    Peel of the outer layer of banana flower pluck the long stretching flowers.
2. Put them in water or if you have buttermilk put them in. This is to avoid oxidation.
3. Take each flower pluck of the bulb structured string inside each flower and throw off. You may find one or two max.
4. Next you can find a transparent small feather like sheet down each flower. Pluck it  and throw it.
5. After doing the same process for each flower. Chop finely and put them back inside water.
6. Chop off green chillies and cut open the lemon into 2.
7. In a pan add asafatida, splutter mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chillies.
8. Saute them well. Now add the finely chopped Vazzaipoo or banana flower after squeezing of water.
9. Saute them well add water. Boil the chopped flower till it turns soft.
10. Let the water evaporate completely.
11. Add salt and mix well.
12. Add coconut over the vazzaipoo mix well.
13. Make sure water is completely evaporated. Squeeze the lemon.

Mix well and serve hot!!

Jun 15, 2012

Apple Mango Milkshake

Usual Mango milkshake but quick and addition of few new ingredients. Check out.

Serves 4
Mango fruit/Mambazyam/Paka amm - 1 big
Apple - 1
Honey - 4tbs
Raw pasteurized milk - 1/2ltr chilled
Dalchini powder/Cinnamon powder - 1 pinch (Optional)
Ice cubes as preferred

1. Take out the pulp of mango and put them in blender.
2. Peal the skin of apple and cut them into cubes. De-seed them and put them along with mango.
3. Blend them in the blender till they get thick.
4. Now add milk and honey.
5. Whip them well in blender leaving few interval seconds so that froth forms.
6. Add ice cubes and dalchini pinch.Whip twice.

Serve chill during hot afternoons. Its a heavy milkshake which would keep you on for at least 3-4hrs.

Pomo Dates MilkShake

The scorching heat of Chennai made me to search for options than the regular juices and milkshakes.

Serves 4
Pomegranate/Madulai/Anar - 1 big
Brown seedless dates/Perunchpazam - 4
Honey - 3tbs
Water - 250ml
Chilled pasteurized milk - 1/2ltr ( You can add normal fat milk and not full fat milk. If you prefer low fat milk then please do not add water)
Crushed ice cubes - as preferred

Method/ Vidhiee:
1. Cut open the pomo and deseed the pomos from the skin.
2. Caution be careful of not having a single white skin of pomo or it would turn bitter milkshake :)
3. In a blender add the pomos and dates.
4. Run them so that they get crushed.
5. Add water and honey. Blend again.
6. If you do not prefer the small grains of pomo then strain them and add again to blender.
7. If, you are ok with the grains then next process is to add the milk.
8. Whip the mixture leaving few seconds interval so that froth forms.
9. Add the crushed ice cubes or normal cubes and blend again.
Yummy Pomo Date Milkshake is ready. Enjoy it :)

Jun 7, 2012

1st Anniv :)

Aahhh... its been 365 days completed, more than 100 recipes. This is the day when i started Delicious Bhojanam. Passion towards food urged me to start a blog. Never thought it would cross 100 recipes, start earning out of it, meet so many like minded people. This blog has enhanced my horizons of my profile.
Everyday new queries in my inbox but, wait many do not comment in blog but to my inbox directly :)
I really thank the followers of this blog, blink visitors ;), friend bloggers, my friends and families who drop in.
It is sounding cliche but, these words are not be uttered only when you get an award but, when people have really motivated you to move ahead!!! I wish i continue food blogging in coming days. For past 2  months its been not a daily or weekly post, its become a monthly post which i would sure try to avoid.
Plzzz people who love and like my blog kindly, comment on to my blog rather than my FB inbox :) it really means a lot!!!!
Hope to continue food blogging and exploring new cuisines :) :) :)

Jun 1, 2012

Yogurt Salsa Baked Potato Basket

One day i was really put off by the regular dishes. Thought of a weird kind of combination and it clicked :) 
A baked dish without cheese, not much of hot spices.

Serves four
Potatoes - 4 (medium) Large also makes a good one.
Yogurt/ Thair/Dahi - 3tbs
Green Capsicum - 1/2
Red capsicum - 1/2
Hard red tomato - 1
White onion - 1 (normal pink onion will also do)
Green chilly -1/2
Jalapeno - 1/2
Green olives - 2 if preferred
Red chilly powder - to sprinkle
Mixed Italian herbs - 1tbs
Tomato sauce - 2tbs
Sugar to sprinkle
Salt to taste
Green coriander for garnish
Olive oil / Refined sunflower oil - 2tbs

Method/ Vidhiee:
1. Wash thoroughly the potatoes and dry them using a cloth.
2. Coat them with oil and poke the potatoes using a knife so that during baking process oil seeps inside the holes.
3.Bake them in an microwave high for 8-9 mins (The time may differ. Depends upon your owen.)
4. Baked them till the outer skin of the potato turns golden brown and skrinks a bit.
5. Another side to check whether it is baked is after it cools a bit you can poke a knife inside. If it goes well thru the potato its cooked.
6. Once they are baked cool it.

7. Cut open each potato into 2 halves lengthwise. Scoop out the starch from the middle of the potatoes.
8. So that a hallow pit is formed. Do not scoop fully. You need to just make space to fill in the yogurt mixture.
9. Meanwhile, chop of the capsicums, onions, jalapenos, olives,green chilly.
10. In a bowl put in the chopped vegetables. To it add the dry powders and herbs.
11. Mix well and add the yogurt.
12. Add salt to it and mix well.
13. Take the starch of the potato which was scooped out of it and mix along with the yogurt.

14. Now fill in the yogurt salsa into the potato as shown in the picture.
15. Above each potato yogurt salsa sprinkle red chilly powder, mixed herbs powder, tomato sauce, sugar, coriander leaves.
16. Grease again the glass tray with oil and keep the filled in potatoes one by one leaving one finger distance from each other.
17. Now bake the dish in microwave owen for another 7-8mins. (Again i recommend to set your time according to your owen)

18. A tip if you want you can add lemon juice 1/2tbs to the salsa. But, if your yogurt is sour please avoid it.

Your Yogurt Salsa Baked Potato Basket is ready to serve.

Its a perfect started or snack to munch on. No hassle of cheese and unhealthy stuffs.
I can say it would be an instant hit among your near ones. My people just loved the dish.