Feb 4, 2012

Vegetable Godumai / Aatta / Wheat flour Dosai

It's one of the instant dosai that is made down south. Its not always you soak the lentils and rice to make dosas. Alternates are there like this Aatta / Godumai dosa, Rawa Dosa, Ragi dosa etc..

Atta/Godumai mav/ Wheat Flour - 2cups
Rice flour/Arici mav/ Chawal ka atta -1 cup
Jeera - 1tbs
Pepper crushed - 1/2tps
Mustard seeds/Kadugu/Sarson - 1/2tbs
Curry leaves
Green coriander leaves
Green chilly -2
Salt - 1 to 1 1/2 tbs (If u are adding the left over salted veggies take care to add less salt)
Refined sunflower oil - for making dosas
Water - 4cups

Generally with above ingredients the batter is made. For a twist i have added the below.
Amchur - 1/4tps
Vegetables - You can take any vegies like shreddred /finely chopped carrots,green peas,french beans, cauliflower,capsicum,tomatoes, shredded cabbage,sweet corn. This time i have used the veggies that were left over as sabji. It can always be added to these batters

1. Mix Aatta,Rice flour, Salt, Jeera, Mustard, Curry leaves, Coriander leaves, Pepper crushed, Salt.
2. Now add the veggies that are left over or chop and grate fresh ones and add to it.
3. Add water and mix well the batter. To make the batter pourable on tawa.
4. Dont make it too much liquid. Be careful of lumps. Its better to mix batter with hand.
5. Heat a tawa spread a spoon of oil. Grease it.
6. Pour one scoop of batter and spread well. Remember as this has vegies you cant make a thin dosa.
7. Spread as much you can and pour oil on sides.
8. Once one side is done turn the next side.

Serve hot. This dosa doesnt require any chutneys but if required you can serve soo.

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