Mar 1, 2012

Brocolli Soup With a Twist

Brocolli one of the cosliest but yet worth having once a while. Having it in a soup form is the better way to eat it. One bowl of this soup fills up the stomach for the night. TRY IT :)

Method to make 6cups

Brocolli - 200gms
Carrot - 1
Green Peas - 10gms
Potato - 1/2
Celery - 2 strangs (You can use coriander leaves too)
Onion - 1/2
Green chilly -1
Ginger - 1/2inch
Garlic - 2pods (depends on how much you prefer)
Yellow salted /Unsalted butter - 1tbs
White pepper powder - 2tbs
Salt to taste
Amchoor powder - 1/4tbs
Cornflour powder - 1/2tbs if needed to thicken the soup
Water - 1 ltr
Milk - 1/4cup
Sugar -1tsp

1. Finely chop onions, garlic, ginger,Brocolli (Keep few florets for final touch) remember to cut the thick part of it and chop the florets, carrots (keep a tbs for final touch), green chilly, celery,potato peeled and chopped.
2. In a pan add the onions, garlic , ginger, brocolli finely chopped, carrots, green chilly, potato,celery.
3. Add 2cups of water and bring them to boil.
4. Once the colour of the water turns light pale turn off the heat and drain the stock.
5. Keep aside the stock. In a blender run the veggies with 1/4 water.
6. Its better that you dont drain again the mixture.
7. In a pan add butter remaining brocolli, carrots and saute for few mins.
8. Now add the blended mixture and the stock water.
9. Add remaining water of how much ever you need and bring it to boil. Add salt, amchoor powder and sugar.
10. Remember to keep stirring the soup.
11. Add 1/4 of boiled milk.
12. Bring it to boil till it thickens.
13. If required mix cornflour and water and pour it in soup. This makes the soup thick.

Serve hot with white pepper powder. If required tomato sauce. Add a tbs of fresh cream if required. Garnish with Celery leaves

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