Oct 19, 2012

Adhirasam - South Indian Jaggery Pancake

Happy Navarathri to all.. Sorry that i really not able to put any of Navarathri recipes. Thought sundal recipes are all over and why not i start on pre- planning posting for Diwali. And here it goes people.

ADHIRASAMS - One of the oldest sweet delicacy. Have seen my grad mother being perfect on it. Its a art to make this sweet. Each time you make it you tend to learn new nuances of this recipe. It's one of the important sweet during "Diwali" down south. The first Diwali or called the "Thallai Diwali" is unfinished without this sweet being offered by the brides parents :)

So here it goes the step by step process.

  • 300 gms - Rice flour
  • 200 gms - Jaggery/Vellam/Gudd
  • 250 ml - Water
  • 2 pods - Cardamom/Elaichi/Elakai
  • 2 tbs - Clarified butter/Ghee
  • 2 tbs - Oil
  • 1/2 lt - Refined oil
  • 2 - Banana leaf / Plastic sheets

Making of rice flour
1. Rice flour as such you can buy from any store or i make it by soaking it for 1/2 hr in water.
2. Drain water and dry them on a muslin cloth.
3. Dry it for at least an hour.
4. Powder them and sieve them thoroughly. Remember there should not be any lumps or water in it.

Making of the Adhirasams.
1. Dissolve the jaggery in 250 ml of water. Boil it and strain of the impurities. 
2. Powder the cardamom and add the same to the jaggery mixture.
3. Bring it to boil until it comes to string consistency.
4. Remove from heat.
5. Slowly start adding rice flour using a ladle. Mix with a ladle to make a dough.
6. Once the mixture turns bit tight use your hands to tight them.
7. Do not dip your hands when the jaggery is hot.
8. Add ghee damp and mix them well.
9. Set them aside in a plastic cover in room temperature for a day. 
10. This is done so that the mixture gets fermented and tasty.
11. More immediately you make more the chances of jaggery dissolving.

Next Day
1. Take of the plastic sheet. Knead the dough and you can feel the softness of it.
2. Make medium size balls.
3. Take the banana leaf keep the ball in center and press it flat with you palm.
4. You can grease oil into your hands and press it in order to avoid stickiness.
5. Heat oil in a pan for deep frying the Adhirasams.
6. Once the oil is hot slide in one pressed dough into oil from sideways. 
7. Do not drop from center on to oil. Oil would splutter all over your body.
8. Take out the Adhirasams once they turn golden brown.
9. Drain excess oil by having two flat heavy round medium plates ( preferably wooden)
10. Gush out excess oil.
11. Again keep them on a tissue paper.

Serve hot or cold.. 
Happy Diwali in advance.. More to come keep clicking the blog :)

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