Nov 28, 2012

Vella Appam / Sweet Jaggery Dumplings

Vellam Appam - Made in down south of India during festivals. Especially on Karthigai Deepam festival which comes after Diwali. A traditional dish with bit changes according to times.

200 gms - Atta/Godumai Mav/Wheat flour
100 gms - Chawal ka atta/Arici Mav/Rice flour
150 gms - Guud/Vellam/Jaggery (Try not taking very dark colour jaggery)
2 pods   - Elaichi/Elakai/Cardamom
150 ml   - Water (approx)
20 gms   - Dry coconut bits (If, preferred)
2 tbs      - Sugar
1/4 ltr - Oil
3 tbs   - Ghee/Clarified butter/Nei

1. Sieve the Atta, rice flour separately without any lumps.
2. In a blender add the jaggery,atta and rice flour.
3. Grind them for a min giving intervals in between.
4. Make them into a consistency of bread crumbs.
5. In a small mixer jar add sugar and cardamom pods.
6. Grind them till the pods turn into powder.
7. Take of the outer layer after grinding.
8. Add the cardamom powder to the jaggery atta rice flour mixture.
9. Add water to it and make a semi liquid consistency.
10. Take a appam pan which has deep round impressions on it. In which you can fill in the oil and mixture.
11. If you are not able to get it you can deep fry them in a small pan but, you should make one at a time.
12. Coming back to making the dumplings in Appakaral (You get non-stick Appakaral these days)-- Mix ghee and oil.
13. Add quarter spoon of oil into the holes once they are hot add the jaggery mixture till half of the hole.
14. Cook them in medium flame.Turn slowly with a wooden or steel pricker or with a knife.
15. Once you have turned wait for the other side to cook.
16. Once the other side also turns golden brown. Prick one by one. Drain them and serve hot.