Dec 9, 2012

Dates Tomato Sweet Chutney

Dates Tomato combination most people do not make it. But, thanks to my mom who gave me the taste of it at the very young age. All of us at home love this chutney. Past few months we had rather forgotten it until my dad asked for it!! And here it goes for all of you :)

  • 100 gms - Seedless brown dates/Pericham pazam/Khajoor
  • 4 - Medium sized tomatoes
  • 2 - Cloves/Krambu/Loong
  • 1 - Cardamom/Elakai/Elaichi
  • 1 tbs - Fennel/Sombu/Saunf
  • 1 tbs - Cumin/Seeragam/Jeera
  • 1 - Bay leaf/Brinji Elai/Tez patha
  • 1 - Green Chilly
  • 100 gms - White sugar
  • 1 pinch - Salt
  • 100 ml - Water
  • 1 tbs - Oil
1. De-seed the dates and chop them roughly.
2. Wash and chop the tomatoes finely. Slit the green chilly.
3. In a saucepan add oil.
4. Once the oil is hot add in the fennel seeds, cloves,cardamom,jeera and bay leaf.
5. Wait till the jeera and fennel turn black.
6. Add in the dates and saute for 2 mins.
7. Add in the chopped tomatoes and green chilly.
8. Add the pinch of salt to it.
9. Now saute till the tomatoes turn soft and get mixed well with dates.
10. Now add in the sugar and mix well.
11. Once the sugar starts melting add in the water.
12. Boil the chutney until water reduces and chutney becomes greasy.
13. Stir occasionally.

Serve hot with any Paratta, Any Rice variety like ghee,peas,jeera,briyani, etc.

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