Jun 12, 2013

Manathakali Kerrai Perattal

Manathakali or Black Nightshade Spinach. It is one of the ancient medicinal spinach. They are more prevalent down south of India. Especially in Tamilnadu. Simple dish with no extra effort but to pluck the leaves wash them and chop. First few recipes which i learnt from my mom. She still insists in having this spinach when we have mouth ulcers.

2 Bunches - Manathakali Keerai
100 gm     - Grated fresh coconut
1 to 2       - Dry red chilly
1 tbs        - Mustard seeds
1/4 tbs     - Asafatida
1/2 tbs     - Turmeric powder
50 gm     - Toor dal
500 ml    - Water
2 tbs       - Oil
Salt to taste
secret ingredient jaggery or sugar

1. Always wash the spinach before chopping them.
2. Wash well and pluck the leaves and keep aside.
3. Chop them finely.
4. Meanwhile, boil the toor dal. Try keeping them whole instead of getting mashed.
5. In a pan add in oil. Once oil gets heated up add in the asafatida,mustard,dry red chilly and temper them.
6. Now add in the spinach and slowly mix them along with mustard.
7. Add in 200 ml of water and allow it to boil by adding salt.
8. Allow it to dry. Stir occasionally.
9. Now add in the jaggery and boiled dal.
10. Saute them well until the moist fades down.
11. At the end add in the grated coconut and mix well.
Serve hot with rice, chappati.
It is a bitter spinach that is the reason we are adding jagger or sugar.


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  2. Thank you so much Savitha :) Definitely seems great..