Aug 22, 2016

Bharwan Lal Mirch Aachar

Lal Mirch Aachar - A common pickle in northern parts of India. I have been tasting since my childhood. Made by my mother, aunts. Note: there are many alternate receipe options also.

2tbs - Turmeric powder
1 ltr - Mustard oil
25gms - Dry coriander seeds
25gms - Fenugreek / Methi seeds
25gms - Brown or Black Mustard seeds
10 pcs  - Dry red chilly
2 tbs.    - Dry Mango powder
25gms  - Saunf or Fennel seeds
5 tbs.    - Black Salt or  if, Rock Salt then 4tbs, if, table salt 5tbs
400 gms/10 to 12 - Fresh long Red Chillies
2tbs.     - Asafetida

1. Wash & dry the red chillies with a dry cloth.
2. Cut the chillies into 2 to 3 pcs each measuring at least 5 inches
3. Scoop out the seeds seperately.
4. Coat the chillies with some mustard oil
5. In a pan dry roast all ingredients except salt. Dry roast salt after switching off the flame
6. Cool them and grind them into powder along with the seeds taken out from fresh chillies
7. Fill tightly the powder into  the red chillies.
8. Meanwhile heat the mustard oil until the smoke comes.
9. Have a sterilized glass or ceramic jar.
10. Place in the chillies on by one into the bottle.
11. Once oil cools down pour it into the jar or bottle .
12. Remember oil should be at least 1/4th of the glass. This avoids fungus formation.
13. Keep under sunlight for a week.
14. Keep it in a dry place and use for minimum 6 months.

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