Oct 15, 2011


Cocoa powder - 4tbs
Skimmed cold milk - 2cups
Seedless dates - 2-3
Sugar - 2tbs
Cream - 2tbs
Hung curd - 2tbs
Ice cubes - 10

1. Finely chop the dates and soak them in hot water once they turn soft put them into a blender and crush them well.
2. Now on to the juice jar add milk, curd,cream,dates,cocoa powder and sugar.
3. Beat them well to make it as a smoothie.
4. Never mind if there are some date pcs. Its acts as to a crunch effect.

Serve chill by pouring slowly on to glass to get the thick froth. Children who do not take curd, dates would drink it without knowing as a chilled cocoa drink.

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