Nov 24, 2011


Curry Leaves - 20-25 arcs
Kadalai parupu/Channa Dal - 10gms
Tamarind/Puli/Imli- Medium lemon size
Dry Red chilli/Vathal Millagai/Sukha Lal Mirch - 5-6
Refined oil - 1tbs
Til oil - 3tbs
Mustard/Kadugu/Sarson - 1tbs
Asafatida/Perunkayam/Hing - 1/2tbs
Salt - 1tbs
White rice - 1cup
Water - 2cups

1. Wash and remove the curry leaves from the arc.
2. In a pan add refined oil add channa dal and saute it.
3. Add dry red chilly to it and saute till the dal turns golden brown.
4. Now add 1/4tbs asafatida and remove from flame on to plate.
5. In the same pan fry the curry leaves without keeping on flame.
6. Saute tamarind too.

7. Cool them and grind them after adding salt.
8. Meanwhile boil the white rice in propotion of 1:2. Means 1 cup rice 2 cups water.
9. Once the rice is done cool a bit.
10. In a heavy bottom pan add til oil splutter mustard seeds, few red chilly, 1/4 asafatida and few curry leaves.
11. Switch of the flame and add the powdered mixture to oil and add rice.
12. Mix well and serve hot with Vendakai Patchadi / Lady's Finger Raitha

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