Nov 24, 2011


Its said that all the parts of a banana plant is used. Such as its leaves for serving food, its flower ,fruits to make different dishes.. well many dont know that there are many dishes made from STEM of banana plant. Down south of India its a common vegetable. Its such a good source of fibre. Good for people who have galbladder stones, who suffer from constipation.
Try this patchadi i must say its yummmm

Banana Stem - 1 medium
Yougurt - 3cups
Water - 4cups
Salt - 1tbs
Sugar - 1/2tbs
Jeera powder - 1/2tbs
Pepper Powder - 1/2tbs
Amchoor powder - 1/4tbs
Coriander leaves to garnish

1. Take the stem of banana. Peel of the outer skins which are thick.
2. Peel till the layer comes where you would not have the layer to peel.
3. Its solid yet soft.
4. Keep a bowl of water aside.
5. First cut the stem into circles and put in water. Do not keep just like that as they turn brown.
6. Now take each circle stem and cut them into small square pcs.
7. Put them back into water.
8. Boil them till the stem is partially cooked.
9. Keep in mind it ahs to be crunchy yet boiled. Do not over boil it.
10. Drain them and keep the water aside. Do not throw the water. Add some salt and give to people who have constipation or diabatic.
11. Now in a bowl add yougurt, salt, sugar and mix well without lumps.
12. Add pepper powder, jeera powder, amchoor powder and mix well.
13. Add the stem that was cut, boiled and drained. If you have the stems stuck to each other first release them using running water and add. If its not possible do not add them to the mixture.
14. Mix well and garnish with coriander leaves.
15. Chill in refrigrator and serve cold.

Note: while chopping the stem try to take out the thread which is present in the stem.

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