Mar 29, 2012

Kadala Paruppu Vadai

Kadala Paruppu Vadai - One of the traditional vadais made down south of India during festival days. Its one of the basic authentic snack prepared. Its being made from the early centuries. Thought to share this as many are unaware of the procedure. Do try once and enjoy the taste :)

Serves 8 people
Kadala Paruppu/ Channa Dal - 2 cups
Toor Dal/Toram Paruppu - 2tbs
White raw rice - 2tbs
Dry Red Chilly - 4/5 (depending on the hot meter of of the chilly you use)
Asafatida/Hing/Perunkayam - 1tps
Curry Leaves - as per need
Green chilly - 2/3
Ginger - a small pc
Salt - 1 to 1 1/2tbs
Fresh coconut grated - optional 2tbs
Water - 4 cups
Refined oil  - to fry

1. In a bowl soak channa dal,toor dal,raw white rice and red chilly in 3 4cups of water for minimum 3hrs.
2. You can soak them for maximum 6hrs more than that you might get a foul smell from the dals.
3. Drain the water. Pluck the upper stem of red chilly and grind them along the dals.
4. Grind them bit coarsely and not into a fine paste.
5. If required add water to grind them.
6. Once the batter is ready add salt, curry leaves, green chillies chopped,ginger if preferred, asafatida.
7. Mix them well.
8. Meanwhile in a heavy bottom pan pour oil to deep fry the vadais
9. Once the oil gets heated  lower the heat.
10. Take one medium size batter on to your palm and flatten thick and not thin.
11. Like a small bun and carefully drop inside the frying pan from the side sliding towards centre.
12. Do not put the batter from the top or oil might spill.
13. Make similar size buns and drop inside the frying pan.
14. Depending upon your pan size you can fry 3-4 at a time.
15. After 2 mins turn the vadais and raise the flame.

16. Do not keep stirring often.
17. Once the vadais turn golden brown drain excess oil and transfer them on to a tissue paper.
18. For the next set of vadai frying process kindly lower the flame to sim.

Serve hot with coconut chutney/green chutney/tomato sauce.

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