Mar 31, 2012

Sri Rama Navami Neivedhiyas

Sri Rama Navami - This day is celebrated as the birth day of Lord Rama. Rama was the 7th incarnation of Dasaavathara of Vishnu. Rama was born to Raja Dasharatha and Kausalya. It occurs on the ninth day, or navami, beginning count from the "no moon day" or Amavasya, during the waxing moon duration called "Shukla Paksha". Sri Rama Navami generally occurs in the months of March and April. In north of India it is also celebrated as Navarathra.

From the day i remember this day is celebrated with devotion along with different neivedhyas. Unlike other Hindu festivals neivedhyas Sri Rama Navami neivedhyas are very diffrent. Simple and not much of hard work :)
1. Panagam - Vellam/Jaggery/Gur Water
2. Neer Moor - Spiced thin buttermilk
3. Kosmalli - Split Moong dal lentils with added spices
4. Payasam - This time Javarici Payasam was made
5. Tulsi Water

Vellam/Jaggery/Gur - 200gms
Elaichi/Elakai/Cardamom - 4-5 pods
Suk/Dry ginger powder - 1tbs
Chilled water - 10 glasses

1. In a vessel powder the jaggery and add water.
2. Make sure that the jaggery mixes well in water and dissolves completely. Starin the water as there may be some impurities in the jaggery.
3. Break open the elaichi pods. Seperate the outer layer and the inside seeds.
4. Crush the seeds into powder.
5. Add the elaichi powder and dry ginger powder to the jaggery water.
6. Chill it in fridge.
Your panagam is ready.

Neer Moor
Curd/Yougurt - 6 cups
Water - 10 cups
Green coriander leaves - bunch
Curry leaves - 5 strings
Mustard seeds - 1tbs
Asafatida - 1tps
Oil - 1tbs
Ginger - 2inches
Salt - 2tbs

1. Split the curd into buttermilk by whisking them.
2. Add water and blend them using a hand blender or odden stick.
3. Strain the buttermilk so that the excess lumps stays away.
4. Add salt and mix well.
5. In a small pan add oil splutter the mustard seeds, asafatida, curry leaves.
6. Clean the ginger and take of the skin.
7. Crush them or cut them into fine pcs.
8. Add the mustard seeds, curry leaves and ginger on to the butter milk.
9. Finely chop the green coriander leaves and add them to the butter milk.
Your Neer Moor is ready.

Split Moong dal - 50gms
Raw mango - 1 medium
Green chilly - 1
Curry leaves - 2 strings
Mustard seeds - 1tbs
Asafatida - 1/2tps
Salt to taste
Oil 1tbs
Lemon - 1
 Green coriander leaves to decorate
Water - 1cup

1. Soak the moong dal in water for  2hrs
2. Drain excess water and keep aside.
3. Finely chop raw mango, green chilly, green coriander leaves and add to the moong dal.
4. In a small pan splutter mustard seeds, asafatida, curry leaves in oil.
5. Add them to the moong mixture.
6. Add salt and mix well.
7. At end cut the lemon and sqeeze the juice to the mixture and mix well.
Your Kos malli is ready for neivedhiya

Javarici / Sabudana Payasam
Javarici/Sabudana(sago/Tapoica) - 4tbs
Milk - 3cups
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Cashew nut - 4-5
Kismis - 6
Ghee - 1tbs
Cardamom powder - 1/2tbs
Yellow food colour optional

  1. Soak the Jav arici/sabudana in water for 15 minutes if it is small in size, otherwise for big sized sabudana soak it
  2. Heat a pan with a ghee, add kismis and cashewnuts.Saute them. 
  3. Boil the milk for 10 min.
  4. Now add soaked jav arici in it. Cook till it  can be easily pressed between fingers.
  5. Now add sugar and mix well till the sugar dissolves completely.
  6. Add cardamom powder, mix it & serve it hot
Payasam is quite thick as the jav arici pulls up the milk. If, want thin then add 1 cup milk to make it thin & then serve.

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