May 29, 2012

Sun Dried Oil Free Mango Pickle

Have you ever thought mango pickle without a drop of oil. Instant on demand recipe. Hence, it is now on to my blog. Try it !!

For making 1/2kg pickle

Raw Mangoes  medium sized - 8-9
Table salt - 3tbs or Rock Salt  - 4tbs
Red chilly powder - 2tbs
Big Tray which can drain water

1. Wash the mangoes and dry them by damping a cloth.
2. Cut them into medium sized cubes leaving the seed.
3. Take a bowl add mangoes,salt red chilly powder. Mix them well so that all the mangoes are coated evenly.
4. In a big tray. It would be better if you have bamboo tray or else try a plastic one.
5. Do not have bowl. Take a rectangular flat tray.
6. Now transfer the coated mangoes on to the tray and keep in the sun.
7. First 2 days you may see water residing from the mangoes.
8. At end of each day drain the excess water and with a help of wooden laddle turn the mangoes another side.
9. Do not use your hand directly or else it may tend to get spoiled.
10. Dry them in sun for a week. It depends upon which part of world you are and how much sunlight penetrates your house.
11. At my end it was a matter of 4 days and they were done.
12. So dry them till the skin of the mangoes get crippled like burnt paper.
13. Take them and store them in an air tight container.
14. Do not refrigerate them.

You can have this with curd rice, as a condiment with any fornm of rice. Its tangy, sweet and bit sticky but, yummy :)