Jun 1, 2012

Yogurt Salsa Baked Potato Basket

One day i was really put off by the regular dishes. Thought of a weird kind of combination and it clicked :) 
A baked dish without cheese, not much of hot spices.

Serves four
Potatoes - 4 (medium) Large also makes a good one.
Yogurt/ Thair/Dahi - 3tbs
Green Capsicum - 1/2
Red capsicum - 1/2
Hard red tomato - 1
White onion - 1 (normal pink onion will also do)
Green chilly -1/2
Jalapeno - 1/2
Green olives - 2 if preferred
Red chilly powder - to sprinkle
Mixed Italian herbs - 1tbs
Tomato sauce - 2tbs
Sugar to sprinkle
Salt to taste
Green coriander for garnish
Olive oil / Refined sunflower oil - 2tbs

Method/ Vidhiee:
1. Wash thoroughly the potatoes and dry them using a cloth.
2. Coat them with oil and poke the potatoes using a knife so that during baking process oil seeps inside the holes.
3.Bake them in an microwave high for 8-9 mins (The time may differ. Depends upon your owen.)
4. Baked them till the outer skin of the potato turns golden brown and skrinks a bit.
5. Another side to check whether it is baked is after it cools a bit you can poke a knife inside. If it goes well thru the potato its cooked.
6. Once they are baked cool it.

7. Cut open each potato into 2 halves lengthwise. Scoop out the starch from the middle of the potatoes.
8. So that a hallow pit is formed. Do not scoop fully. You need to just make space to fill in the yogurt mixture.
9. Meanwhile, chop of the capsicums, onions, jalapenos, olives,green chilly.
10. In a bowl put in the chopped vegetables. To it add the dry powders and herbs.
11. Mix well and add the yogurt.
12. Add salt to it and mix well.
13. Take the starch of the potato which was scooped out of it and mix along with the yogurt.

14. Now fill in the yogurt salsa into the potato as shown in the picture.
15. Above each potato yogurt salsa sprinkle red chilly powder, mixed herbs powder, tomato sauce, sugar, coriander leaves.
16. Grease again the glass tray with oil and keep the filled in potatoes one by one leaving one finger distance from each other.
17. Now bake the dish in microwave owen for another 7-8mins. (Again i recommend to set your time according to your owen)

18. A tip if you want you can add lemon juice 1/2tbs to the salsa. But, if your yogurt is sour please avoid it.

Your Yogurt Salsa Baked Potato Basket is ready to serve.

Its a perfect started or snack to munch on. No hassle of cheese and unhealthy stuffs.
I can say it would be an instant hit among your near ones. My people just loved the dish.

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