Jun 7, 2012

1st Anniv :)

Aahhh... its been 365 days completed, more than 100 recipes. This is the day when i started Delicious Bhojanam. Passion towards food urged me to start a blog. Never thought it would cross 100 recipes, start earning out of it, meet so many like minded people. This blog has enhanced my horizons of my profile.
Everyday new queries in my inbox but, wait many do not comment in blog but to my inbox directly :)
I really thank the followers of this blog, blink visitors ;), friend bloggers, my friends and families who drop in.
It is sounding cliche but, these words are not be uttered only when you get an award but, when people have really motivated you to move ahead!!! I wish i continue food blogging in coming days. For past 2  months its been not a daily or weekly post, its become a monthly post which i would sure try to avoid.
Plzzz people who love and like my blog kindly, comment on to my blog rather than my FB inbox :) it really means a lot!!!!
Hope to continue food blogging and exploring new cuisines :) :) :)

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