Jul 23, 2012

Mango Sweet Pancake

It it so happened that one of aunt has 2-3 mango trees at her place of different varieties. One of them variety was Chandrika a mango variety. OMG it smells awesome. Its a variety we can't cut them have we have to squeeze and drink the pulp. Having 10 mangoes made me lustrous to venture out on to a new dish. May be its a premature dish but, innovations are made to build it up on ;)

Serves 6
Chandrika ripped mango/ Any juicy mango with more pulp - 6-7
Atta/Godumai mav/Wheat flour - 200gms
Rice flour/Chawal ka atta/Arici mav - 100gms
Sugar/Jaggery - If the mango is bit tangy. It dint add any sugar content as my mangoes were high on sweet.
Water - 100ml
Salt - 1/2tbs
Elaichi powder - If you are allergic to mango smell add some to the batter
Ghee - 20gms
Oil - 5tbs
Baking soda - 1tbs

1. Remove the skin of the mango and squeeze the pulp on to a bowl.
2. I know its bit messy job but, guess what end result is a treat so go on :)
3. Beat them add salt and baking soda. I have not added any artificial colours to the batter as the mango colour itself is good.
4. Mix them well and add wheat flour, rice flour.
5. Avoid lumps hence, beat them well. Add water as and when required.
6. Make as a dosa batter.

7. Heat a pan add some oil. Once its hot pour one portion of batter using a hallow laddle.
8. Make it thick. Cook it in low flame add 1/2tbs of ghee to each pancake.

9. Shallow fry them. Turn gently to another side when one side turns brown.
10. It would not come in a perfect pancake as the pulp makes it soft.
11. Hence, handle gently.
Serve hot topping with honey on top. Do not serve when the heat is gone.

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