Jul 23, 2012

Yummy Caramel Oats with Baked Apple

It's been days that i have posted something. Here, comes a interesting dessert which just happened one evening.
There were just apples oats which on my shelf. It's said if your are obsessed with something you create :)))

Serves 4

Apples -2
Green grapes - to garnish
Pomegranate - to garnish
Oats - 200gms
Malted cocoa/Bournvita/Boost - 4tbs
Honey - 2tbs (Can be substituted with powdered sugar)
Boiled milk - 200ml
Salted butter - 2tbs
Salt - 1/4tps
Baking soda - 1tps
Dalchini/Cinnamon powder - 1tps

1. In a pan dry roast the oats till they become crisp.
2. Do it in a low flame. Keep them aside.
3. In a bowl add the malted cocoa or boost, honey, milk. Mix them well.
4. To it add the cinnamon powder.
5. Add the 1 and 1/2tbs of butter and beat well.
6. Make a semi liquid consistency.
7. Meanwhile grease the baking tray with remaining butter.
8. Cut the apple lengthwise of 2inches thickness.
9. Remove the seeds and cut them.
10. Place the apple pieces adjacent to each other in 3-4 rows.
11. Keep few to be layered in the end.
12. Add 150gms of toasted oats to the cocoa mixture.
13. Mix well and pour them on to the apple slowly covering all the apple pieces.
14. Keep some mixture to pour at last.
15. Now again place the remaining apple pieces, sprinkle the remaining oats then over it pour the cocoa mixture.
16. Pre-heat microwave Owen for a min in high.
17. Bake the dessert in microwave high for 12-15mins (Remember baking completely depends upon your microwave brand and model)
18. Once its done you can serve hot as a dessert or cool it fridge and serve chill after few hours.
19. Garnish with grapes and pomos.

Note: Its, bit sticky but yummy :)) Try it you would love it !!!

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