Jul 5, 2012

Pomo Carrot Raitha

Eventually one day i landed up having only pomegranates and carrots in my fridge with left over Vegetable Biriyani. Well making food has no boundaries and particular way. Its all about how you handle the ingredients and present a dish :) And thus happened this raitha. It might sound simple but, i don't think much of us might have thought about this combination.

Pomegranate -1 big
Carrots -2 medium sized
Green chilly - 1
Green coriander - as per your requirement
Plain yogurt/Thair/Dahi - 500 gms
Salt to taste
Chat masala - 1/2tbs
Sugar - 1/4tbs

1. Whip the yogurt to form smooth semi liquid without lumps.
2. Meanwhile, de-seed the pomos.
3. Grate the carrots and finely chop off the green chilly, coriander.
4. In the yogurt add sugar, salt, chat masala and mix well.
5. Now add the carrots mix well.
6. Rest them for 2mins and add green coriander, green chilly,pomo seeds.
Chill them and serve.
It can be taken as a evening snack though it doesn't come under the category of snacks.
Best colourful condiment with any rice variety.

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