Jul 5, 2012

Simple Besan Kadi

It's been many days that i wandered around recipes of Rajasthan and Gujarat.
One common of them is Besan ki Kadi. It's one of the basic kadi which i make at home.
Can be serve with boiled rice, Aallo choka, Aaloo tikki, Poori, even Sukha rotis.
Remember if you have sensitive stomach please avoid this recipe.
Or if you are allergic to gram flour avoid it.

Serves 4

Besan/Gram Flour/Kadala Mav - 250 gms
Red chilly powder - 1tbs
Asafatida - 1/2tbs
Yogurt - 2 cups
Mustard seeds - 1tbs
Dry red chilly - 2
Curry leaves - 2 arc
Green coriander leaves - as per your taste
Green chilly slit - 1
Sugar - 1/2tbs
Salt to taste
Oil or ghee can be used - 1/2 tbs

1. Sieve the besan to avoid lumps.
2. Heat pan and dry roast the besan so that the raw smell fades away.
3. Cool it.
4. Whip the curd with no place of lumps in it.
5. Add red chilly powder, salt, sugar, garam masala, green coriander a bit to the besan.
6. Mix well and add the curd and mix well.
7. Avoid lumps.
8. In a pan pour the liquid and boil it at medium flame.
9. Keep stirring occasionally as lumps may form.
10. Once the liquid starts to boil add a pinch of Asafatida powder to it.
11. In a small frying pan add oil. Once oil or ghee turns hot add mustard seeds, rest of Asafatida, green chilly slit in middle, curry leaves.
12. Temper them and add to the liquid.

Your tasty Kadi is ready to serve.