Aug 22, 2012

Thair Vadai / Dhai Balla/ Curd Dripping Crunchy Balls

THAIR VADAI - One of the common snack for Tamilians. The recipe may sound bit easier but, to get a perfect thair vadai is bit difficult. Well don't worry every recipe has a small hidden secret and if you ponder it can be seen. :))

Can make 20 servings

  • 5 cups - Thair/Thick curd

  • 9 cups - Water

  • 250gms - Urad dhal/Ullatham Paruppu

  • 25gms - Rice

  • 250 ml - Refined oil to fry

  • 2 1/2 tbs - Salt

  • 1tbs - Sugar

  • 1tbs - Chat Masala 

  • 2 - Green chilly

  • 4arc - Curry leaves

  • 1inch - Ginger  (if preferred)

  • 1/2tbs - Cooking Soda

  • For Garnish:

  • Coriander leaves to garnish

  • 50gms - Crunchy gram dhal/Omma podi/Bhujiya/Any mixture

  • 1 - Carrot grated

  • 2tbs - Red Chilly Powder

  • 2tbs - Chat Masala.

  • Method/Vidhiee:
    1. Wash and soak the Urad Dhal in 6 water and Rice in 3cups of water for 4-5hrs
    2. After 5hrs drain the water and wash again in order to remove the smell.
    3. In a blender add the soaked dhal and grind well to make a paste.
    4. If, it's sticky add 2tbs of water to it.
    5. Transfer in to a bowl.

    6. Add finely chopped curry leaves, green chilly, ginger,1tbs salt, cooking soda and mix well.
    7. Heat oil in a heavy bottom vessel to fry the dumplings.
    8. As the oil is heating start preparing for curd.
    9. Take the thick chilled curd add sugar, 1/2tbs salt, 1tbs chat masala. Beat for a minute.
    10. Refrigerate it.
    11. Meanwhile to make vadais.. Grease your hands with water.
    12. Take a small portion of paste in your hand put it on onside of your palm. Make a small hole.
    13. Gently transfer it to fingers of other hand and slowly slide across the oil pan into the oil.
    14. Fry them in medium heat.
    15. If the oil is very hot then the paste inside would not cook well.
    16. Do the same procedure and fry the vadais.

    17. At a time you can make min of 4-5 vadais - depends upon your pan.
    18. Fry them, meanwhile in a vessel boil some water with pinch of salt.
    19. Now when the vadais are crisp, golden brown and done drain excess oil. Put them slowly into the boiled water.
    18. Soak them for 1 min then drain excess water and put them into the thick chilled curd.
    19. Do the same procedure till all the vadais are done.

    While Serving:
    Take 1 vadai each from the thair/dahi on to a cup.
    Top it with - pour some curd, carrot, then mixture, chat masala, red chilly powder, coriander leaves.
    You can also add Meeti Chutney/Tamarind Date sauce and Mint Coriander chutney for extra flavor.
    More you soak the vadais more tastier they would be. If, you feel vadais have absorbed the curd add some more curd. 

    Your yummy, cool Thair Vadai/ Dahi Balla is ready to eat :))

    Tip: If, your dahi/ thair/ curd is sour add some boiled and cooled milk. 

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