Aug 22, 2012

Triple Date

Simple dessert which just happened.. Found few biscuits, fruits.

All you need are simple ingredients.
Serves 4

  • 2tbs  -(You can opt for any custard flavor )Raspberry Custard powder
  • 1 -Apple
  • 1  -Pomegranate medium
  • 7-8 -Biscuits
  • 2tbs-Sugar (If you feel your custard powder is less sweeter)
  • 2tbs-Unsalted Yellow Butter
  • 250ml -Water
  • 1tbs-Orange juice mix powder
  • Honey as required
 1. Powder the biscuits in a mixer jar giving it 2 whips. To it add butter and again give 2 whips but, with intervals.
2. Dice the apples into small pieces and de-seed the pomegranate.
3. In a pan heat the water. It's not needed that you need to bring the water to boiling state.
4. In a small cup mix the Raspberry custard with 2 tbs of normal water. Mix well.
5. Pour the custard mixture into the hot water. Without any delay stir the water and custard so that lumps don't form. I added sugar as my custard powder was short off sweetness.
6. Take 4 hallow and wide glasses.
7. First layer add the biscuit mixture at the bottom of the glass. Just damp them do not press hard.
8. Above it 2nd layer add the apple bits and pomegranate.
9. Above it add the Raspberry custard mixture evenly to cover up to the top.
10. Sprinkle some Orange juice mix powder and decorate with fruits if required.
11. Refrigerate for 2hrs after closing them with a silver foil or a lid.
12. Do not refrigerate for long hours.
13. After 2hrs take out make pores from the top till the bottom with a knife, or any wooden stick.
14. Pour honey into the pores. Serve chill :)) It's certainly a different kind of Date ;)