Sep 6, 2012

Jhatpat Sweet Surprise

Want to give a sweet surprise suddenly? Matter of just 7mins and sweet for your palate is done. Check out one of the loved recipe of my sis made by mom and now by me :)) Very Very simple ingredients and very easy to serve too..

  • 2tbs - Clarified butter/Ghee Naie(It would be good if you make ghee from white butter at home than buying ready made)
  • 4tbs - Atta/Wheat flour/Godumai mav
  • 3tbs - Sugar

1. Take a pan add the ghee/clarified butter.
2. Once its heated up add the atta/wheat flour to it.
3. Lower the flame and mix them well with butter.
4. Once the atta starts turning light brown add sugar to it.
5. Mix the atta sugar and ghee well.
6. You would see that the atta getting crystallizing with sugar.
7. Never take away the ladle from the pan or else it would burn. Keep sauteing.
8. Super aromatic smell would bold you off and the mixture would start turning dark brown.
Your Jhatpat Sweet Surprise is ready to serve.

Beware: Not to eat while they are piping hot. This sweet retains heat for atleast half and hour so be careful before you taste it.


  1. very simple and new to me

  2. Very nice sweet surprise!! I have once tried making atta ladoos in a similar way, with lots of dry fruits!