Sep 5, 2012

Museli Soya Oats Nutri Bar

Nutri Bar - Chewy, healthy snack for kids and all ages.
Simple ingredients

  • 50 gms  - Museli / Rolled oats
  • 25 gms  - Soya Flakes
  • 25 gms - Flat oats
  • 10 gms - Badam/Almond
  • 5   tbs  - Honey/Maple Syrup
  • 1   tbs  - Instant Coffee powder
  • 3   tbs  - Bournvita/Boost/Any sweet cocoa powder
  • 3   tbs  - Raisins
  • 1   tbs  - Chocolate essence
  • 5   tbs - Warm Milk
  • Sheet of aluminium foil

1. You would get honey museli soya oats early morning cereal packet. If, you are not able to get it no worries buy them separately.
2. Dry roast the museli/rolled oats, soya flakes, flat oats separately in a pan. Also make flakes of almond and dry roast them.
3. Chop raisins finely.
4. In a bowl put in the roasted items along with raisins.
5. Cool them down.
6. Meanwhile, in a cup add instant coffee powder, boost/sweet cocoa powder,honey,chocolate essence.
7. Mix well and keep adding milk to make a semi liquid paste.
8. Once the paste is ready.

9. Slow add one spoon at a time over the roasted items.
10. Mix well and fold clockwise.
11. Now when the nutri mix is ready.
12. Have a sheet of aluminum foil spread across on a flat surface.
13. At one end pour in all the nutri mixture.
14. Press tight and make a cylindrical shape and roll along the sheet.

15. Seal the two ends by twisting them and deep freeze them.
16. Deep freeze for at least a day.

Tip: Cut the bar with thick and sharp knife. It's chewy so those who don't like chewy things please don't recommend this to them.


  1. I love making these, great after a run. Have bookmarked it :)

  2. healthy bar

  3. TQ Gauri..gud tat u like it :) and TQ Veena