Sep 16, 2012

Paitha Laadu

Paitha Ladu or otherwise called in Tamil as Paitha mav laddoo. It's a healthy, less time consuming,hassle free recipe. One of the oldest secret recipe of tamilnadu. Why not try for this Ganesh Chathurthi???

Serves 10 (Vary on sizeof the ladu and consumption)

  • 150 gms - Paitham Parupu / Moong Dal / Split green gram
  • 300 gms - White sugar powder
  • 10gms    - Kaju/Cashew/Mundiri
  • 10 gms   - Kismis/Ulrandha Dhrachchai
  • 75 gms   - Ghee/Nei/Clarified butter
  • 2            - Elaichi/Elakai/Cardamom

1. Take a heavy bottom pan. Roast the paitham paruppu till they turn light golden brown.
2. Cool them and grind them into powder.
3. If you do not prefer the finest pieces you can sieve them to get the powder. I prefer those fine crunches adds to the taste.
4. Meanwhile, powder the sugar finely along with cardamom.
5. Make a fine powder. Do not use the skin of the cardamom.
6. Break the cashews and fry them in 1tbs of ghee.
7. Heat and melt the ghee so that its easy to mix with the powders.
8. Cool the ghee a bit so that you can add and make balls.
9. In a big bowl add pitham parupu /green gram powder, sugar,cashews,kismis and mix well.
10. Take a tablespoon of ghee and pour at one small portion of the powder.
11. Mix tight and make small balls.
12. First press tight then toss the ball and keep aside.
13. Keep the laadu in a vessel and let it dry for at least 2hrs.
14. Then transfer into a air tight box.

Ladu stays good for 3-4 days if kept away from light and ants :))
I recommend this amazing sweet to be tried by all. Simple to make yet tasty. Try it !!!


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