Nov 9, 2012

Omma Podi/Ajwain Sev

Simple savory which can be made on any festival..

  • 2 cups - Gram flour/Kadala Mav/Besan
  • 1 cup - Rice flour/Arici mav/Chawal ka atta
  • 2 tbs - Carom water/Oma water/Ajwain pani
  • 1 tbs - Oil
  • 1 tbs - Salt
  • 1/2 cup - Water
  • Oil to deep fry
  • Omapodi achu or Sev Mold.. which has small circular dot holes in them.
1. In a bowl add gram flour,rice flour,salt and mix well.
2. To it add carom water (oma water.. its simple boil some omam in 15ml water strain the water)
3. Add oil and mix well.
4. Now add water and start kneading.
5. Make a solid dough.
6. Make small partitions of the dough.
7. Heat oil for deep frying the podi.
8. Grease the mold/achu so that the batter does not stick to the walls.
9. Take a portion put them inside the achu .
10. Once the oil is boiling hot press the mold from the top with the mold lid.
11. Move the mold in circular motion so that the worm like shapes form.
12. Be careful as the heat would be unbearable at times.
13. Leave them for 1/2 min in oil.
14. Now gently using a spatula turn them the other side.
15. As per your wish you can fry them light brown,light yellow colour.
16. Once its done drain excess oil and transfer on to a tissue paper.
17. Transfer them into an air tight container once they are cool.
18. Crush them so that they become podi/sev.
You can serve it as it is. Or you can add chopped onion, green chilies and few drops of lemon juice garnished with coriander. They can also be added to while making mixture.
Do not close the container when the omapodi is hot or else it would become soggy.
You can add unsalted butter instead of oil.
You can also add more butter and less water.
While doing the next sets try lowering the flame. Raise few seconds before you are going to squeeze the batter.

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