Aug 14, 2013

Dry Black - Nightshade Roasted or Manathakali Vathaal

Manathakali seeds or otherwise called as Black Nightshade seeds. Down south of India these seeds are separated from the black nightshade spinach leaves. They would be black /green colour.
Traditional process of dehydrating and using it as and when required. It is believed to have medicinal properties that can heal mouth ulcers and also clears of worms in the stomach.


  • 200 gms  - Black Nightshade seeds or Manathakali vedhai
  • 100 ml     - Buttermilk
  • 1 tbs        - Rock Salt
  • 50 ml       - Oil

Method / Vidhiee:
1. Wash the Manathakali seeds and dry them.
2. Mix rock salt to the buttermilk. Beat them well.
3. Soak the seeds into the buttermilk for 2 days under sunlight.
4. After 2 days drain excess fluids and dry them under the sun for at least 4 days.
5. You can see the seeds shrink and turned into brown and black.
6. Once they are crisp store them into an air tight container.

7. When needed heat oil and slow or switch of the flame.
8. Put in some dried seeds into it and roast them. Beware they get roasted in seconds.

9. Once they turn into filled seeds into a round shape drain them.

You can crush them and mix it with rice and use them.
It can also be used for making the famous Varthal Kozambu of south India.

Note: Drying time may vary depending upon the humidity the seeds are kept. Hence, it might take less or more days to dry.

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