Aug 21, 2015


Soye Keerai - That's how its called down south. It more or less looks like a cilantro/coriander or even rosemary. But, warning it is smell bound- means it has a strong pungent smell. Always use it fresh.
You can use any other spinach to make this vadai.

1 cup - Chopped Soye Keerai
1 cup -  Onions finely chopped
2 inch - Ginger finely chopped
2 cups - Soaked Pitham Parupu / Broken Green gram
1 cup   - Soaked Raw rice
2 tbs    - Soaked Toor Dal
2         -  Melagu / Pepper
1 tbs   -  Jeera
4 pcs   - Dry Red Chilly (Depending upon your taste)
1 tbs    - Asafetida
1/2 cup - Water
Salt to taste
Oil to deep fry


1. Soak the pulses and rice for 2 hrs. 
2. Smoothly grind in a blender along with pepper, jeera, dry red chilly, asafatida, ginger
3. Add water if required to make batter bit semi solid & not watery.

4. Add finely chopped soye keerai, onions, curry leaves, salt, ground batter.

5. Mix them well.
6. Heat oil on high flame.
7. Deep fry small portions into vada shapes.
8. Deep fry until they turn golden brown.
9. Once done take it and drain on to a tissue paper.

10. Serve hot with sweet chutney, green chutney.


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