Nov 30, 2015

Quick Shahi Tukda

So planning to throw away the rasagulla /gulab jamun's sugar syrup. Think again.
Make a simple, rich, sweet out of it.

Generally Shahi Tukda involves a lot of Ghee, Rabri. Lets try a simpler and cost effective way 

4 - Bread Slices (Firm)
2tbps - Roasted powdered mixed nuts 
4 tbps - Condensed Milk
100ml - Sugar Syrup
2 tbps - Ghee
Oil to fry
Cherries & coloured Vermicelli to decorate.

Method / Vidhie:

1. Mix 1 tbps of ghee with oil to fry the bread.
2. Heat oil. Cut each bread slice into 2 in a triangle shape
3. Deep fry then and drain excess oil.
4. Everytime you fry the bread put them directly into the sugar syrup and take it out immediately.
5. Set the bread slices on a plate.
6. Drizzle the condensed milk covering all over the bread slices.
6. If, you have ready made Rabri then its added flavour.
7. Decrote with Cherries, coloured vermicelli, powdred nuts & drizzle rest 1tbps ghee.
8. Keep it in the refrigerator in the normal compartment wrapping the plate with strech wrapper or a silver foil.
9. If, you wish to have hot that gives a different taste too.
10. I added a drizzle of rose syrup too :) which gave a awesome taste.


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