Jan 6, 2016

Biscuit Cream Cake

 When you dont have an Owen and really relish the baked recipes there comes out the alternates to them. So too this one which i tried. A desert to complete any good evening. Can be stored for atleast a week.

200gms - Any Marie or Digestive Biscuits
100gms - Any Chocolate Biscuits
200gms - Cholocate bar
50  gms - Dark Chocolate bar
100 gms - Fresh Thick Cream
50 gms   - Butter
Water to double boil
Coloured sprinklers, choco chips for decoration
Mixed Nuts powder if required.
Butterscotch shots if required

1. Powder the Marie  biscuit & chocolate biscuits separately.
2. Melt the Chocolate bar in a double boiler along with the dark chocolate. Once it melts add butter.
3. Meanwhile whip the fresh cream so that it becomes thick
4. In a heavy bottom glass bowl layer the bottom with marie biscuit powder
5. Press tightly and then over it add some melted chocolate
6. Again on top of it add the powdered nuts layer
7. 4th layer would be the chocolate biscuit powder.
8. 5th layer melted chocolate.
9. 6th layer powdered marie biscuit
10. 7th layer fresh cream lyer
11. 8th layer butterscotch shots crushed
12. 9th layer melted chocolate
13. 10th layer add in the remaining cream
14. Decorate with coloured sprinklers.
15. Tightly close the case and refridgrate for 3hrs.
Caution: The cake would be hard at the bottom so use a good knife and a good rectangular case. I used a circular one which might be hard for few to cut the cake.

Relish, enjoy!!! :)

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