Oct 28, 2016

Khaja/ Chirotie

Happy Diwali folks :)  Khaja or Chirotie is a sweet which part of Badushah or Balushahi family. 
Crispy & less sugar content sweet. Why not try  for this Diwali!!! 

400 gms - Maida or Refined flour
200 gms - Ghee or Clarified butter
50   gms - Rice flour
500 ml    - Water
200 gms  - Sugar
1     gm    - Saffron strings (Optional)
1     tsp    - Kewda/ Jasmine essence (Optional)
Oil to deep fry

1.  Sieve maida into a large bowl and  4 tbs of ghee.
2.  Mix the ghee evenly thru the maida rubbing with both your palms.
3.  Add in 100 ml of water slowly till the maida becomes a dough.
4.  Dough has to be at a nan dough consistency.
5.  If, required you can add baking soda. I have not added.
6.  Keep aside for 10 mins closing with a wet muslin cloth.

7.  Meanwhile, make a mixture of rest of ghee and rice flour into a fine paste.
8.  Keep the oil ready in a medium heat.
9.  After 10 mins remove the cloth and knead the dough for 2mins.
10.Make the dough into a lengthwise portion and cut them into 5 chunk portions.
11. Flatten each portion into a chappati shape and set aside.
12. Now take the first flattened dough over it spread the rice flour and ghee paste.

13. Place another flattened dough over it and repeat the process.

14. After the 5th dough spread the remaining paste. 
15. Role the entire dough into a big roll.
16. Cut the roll into 2inch pieces.

 17. Press lightly the dough pieces. Fry them until they turn brown. 

18. In another pan put sugar and water make 1 string consistency.
19. Put saffron and kewada essence.

20. Dip the fried Khajas into the sugar syrup and take it out drain excess syrup.

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