Jan 1, 2017

Kashyam - Home remedy for cold / cough

Home remedy or called as Patti Vaidhyam down south of India.

Remedy for Cold,Cough,Running nose,soar throat


2 gms - Chitrathai / Galangal
2 tbs  - Panam Kalkandu/ Palm Sugar
2 tbs. - Jeera or Carrom/Omam either is fine
8 pods - Black Peppercons
8 leaves - Tulasi or even Basil can be used
2 inches - Ginger
1ltr - Water


1. In a pan add water.
2. Crush add the ingredients roughly.
3. Add them to water.
4. Boil in low flame for minimum 15mins.
5. Water has to reduce to 500ml or half the vessel.
6. Strain the ingredients and drink slowly.

The strained ingredients can be reused 2 times by adding more if palm sugar.
Drinking this for 3 consecutive days would give a sigh of relief.

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