Dec 25, 2016

Kadala Urundai/ Sweetened Peanut Balls

Nothing much to say about a delicacy which wraps up any tongue.

400 gms - Dry Roasted pealed or raw pealed Peanuts
500 gms - Dark coloured Jaggery
100 ml.   - Water
1 tbsp.    - Cardamom or Elaichi powder
1 tbsp.    - Dry Ginger powder or Suk powder

1. Crush the peanuts roughly using a dough roller.
2. In a pan add in jaggery and water.
3. Once it starts boiling drain out the impurities and again pour it into pan and boil.
4. Drain at least twice.
5. Once the jaggery  starts thickening. Pour one drop into a water filled steel cup. If it immediately roles to a ball means it's ready.
6. In a non sticky bowl poi in the crushed peanuts over it pour in the jaggery, elaichi and suk powder.
7. Roll the mixture into small balls quickly. Remember it would be extremely hot.  Also use a sodden ladle or iron one to mix them well.

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