Feb 19, 2017

Kanji Mavu/ Sathu Mavu/Healthy Traditional Porridge

Kanji Mavu or Sathu Mavu a traditional south Indian homemade healthy protein drink. Yes, you too get these in packed from across the shelves. It seems always easy to use ready mixes but, making your own from scratch gives you a satisfaction of avoiding adulterated food, more quantity and off course cost effective.
Kanji is mostly given to kids above 1yr and can be taken by any adult. The combinations of grains might differ according to each ones preference. It is more or less similar to ragi ball made by kanadigas but, tamalians tend to add additional combination of other grains.

Caution: All the ingredients listed below might be allergic to few people or might create stomach upset. So check the grains in small quantities and then use them.

Ingredients: for making 1 kg of Kanji mavu
300 gms - Ragi/ Finger Millet
100 gms - Bajara/Pearl Millet
50   gms - Jowar/ Sorgham flour
20   gms - Peanuts/ Ground nut
10   gms - Dry Corn Kernels
10   gms - Barley
5     gms - Badam/Almonds
5     gms - Green Gram/Pacha Pairu
5     gms - Roasted Gram/ Pottukadalai
5     gms - Jav Arisi/Tapioca Seeds

1. Dry roast all the ingredients separately.
2. Cool them and grind them into fine powder.
3. You may need to sieve them thrice and grind.
4. Mix them well cool them and store it in air tight container.

Method to make poridge:
1. Mix 2tbsp sugar/jaggery, 4 tbsp of Kanji Mavu to 2 parts of water.
2. Mix them well.
3. On a medium heat slowly keep stirring until the mixture turns to a porridge consistency. It would look like a glass plain texture.
4. To it add 1 glass of milk.
5. Mix well and drink hot.

If, you are not ok with milk. Replace salt and buttermilk instead of sugar and milk.
1. Cool the mixture and mix well with buttermilk .

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