May 20, 2017

Aval/Poha/Chivda Jhatpat Mixture

No snacks available guests arriving by half hour.. Here is a Jhatpat quick mixture receipe within 20mins.

250 gms - Flattened Rice/Aval / Poha
100 gms - Red Peanuts/ Verkadala/Munfalli
1 cup      - Dry Coconut/ Coppara bits
5              - Dry Red chillies
2 tbs       -  Red Chilly Powder
1 tbs       -  Turmeric Powder
1 tbs       -   Asafetida/Perunkayam/Hing
Bunch of curry leaves
Salt to taste
300 ml   - Oil to deep fry

1. Mix Aval with pinch of turmeric & oil.
2. Heat 100 ml oil and put small quantities of aval. Deep fry them. Make sure oil is pretty hot so that poha rises up quickly.
3. You would see all the oil get used for frying poha.
4. Add in rest of 200ml of oil.
5. Deep fry peanuts which takes a bit long time.
6. Then curry leaves followed by red chillies,coppara.
7. Cool them and mix them all in a clean box.
8. Mix the red chilly powder, salt, turmeric, asafetida into a powder
9. Sprinkle generously onto the mixture. Stir well.
10. Store in a air tight container

For sure this would be a good snack for the evening with tea.

You can add roasted gram dhal/ pottu kadalai/ roasted channa dal, potato chips

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