Feb 17, 2012

Karra Appam

Well this snack i came to know from of my dear cousin USHA :) A very good cook. I owe her the credits of this snack. As promised to her here i am putting on the recipe for all to be benefited to know the tradiotional snack.
Caution: This a pure oily snack. There is no chance that you can tend to avoid it :)

Boiled raw rice/ Puzngal Arici - 2 cups
Toor Dal/Thoram parupu - 4tbs
Dry red chilly - 4-5 (You can +/- as per your taste buds)
Water - 3cups
Asafatida - pinch
Salt - 1tbs (As per your taste)
Refined sunflower oil - 25ml
Til oil/Sesame oil - 25ml

1. Wash and soak the boiled raw rice and toor dal in 2 cups of water for 3-4hrs.
2. The more time you give them to be in water the softer the batter would turn out.
3. After the soaking period. Drain the water.
4. Grind the rice,dal,dry chillies in a blender along with water as required to make a semi liquid batter.
5. Make sure the batter is not too thin but at same time it can be poured.
6. Add salt, asafatida and mix well.
7. In a deep frying pan add the refined sunflower and til oil. Heat them well.
8. Once you are going to pour the batter lower the heat.
9. Now take a scoop type ladle and pour once scoop on to the oil slowly to the centre of  the oil.
10.You can see that the batter tends to spread in a circle form into layers.
11. Now you can raise flame to medium mode and keep sprinkling oil on to batter from sides of the pan.
12. Once the side up turns to light brown shade turn slowly to another side.
13. Fry for another 1min.

14. Drain excess oil and transfer them on to tissue paper.
Serve hot. It requires not condiments. If you intend to make some condiments check on to my condiments section.

Tip: You can add curry leaves chopped, scrapped and chopped coconut, pinch of jaggery to enhance a sweet soar taste.

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