Sep 20, 2011


Mangoes are one of the favorite of south indian people.
You need a immediate pickle but do not have any other vegetable other than a raw mango.
Well there lies a grandma's secret of making a raw mango pickle instantly.

Raw Mango - 1
Mango can be quarter ripe also. As it might bring sweet and sour taste.
Mustard seeds - 1 tbs
Til / Sesame oil - 1 cups
Asefatida - 1tsp
Fenugreek/methi seeds - 1/4tbs
Green chillies - 3
Ginger - 5gms
Curry leaves - 5 strings
Salt - 1tbs
Red chilly powder - 2tbs
Turmeric powder - 1tbs

Method / Vidhee
1. Cut the mango into small cubes leaving the seed.
2. Dry roast the fenugreek seeds and grind them into powder.
3. In a pan add oil and heat it.
4. To it add mustard, curry leaves, green chilly & ginger chopped.
5. Add asefatida and splutter them.
6. Lower the heat and add red chilly powder, turmeric powder, fenugreek powder, salt and off  the heat.
7. Let it cool a bit for 5mins then pour them on to the cut mangoes.
8. Mix well.
9. Le tit cool down for another 15min.
10. Store it in an air tight container.

Serve with curd rice/ any rice mix.
This pickle stays for a week if kept away from sunlight and heat.

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