Sep 20, 2011


Its a powder which is mixed with rice & ghee and taken in south indian households. It is a main starter mix.

Coconut - 1 grated
Channa Dal - 1/2 cup
Red chillies - 10
Asefatida - 1tsp
Salt - 1tbs

1. Grate the coconut.

2. Dry roast them in a pan. Roast till they become light brown and the water evaporates.
3. Keep low flame while roasting.

4. After the coconut is done. Add the channa dal roast them dry till they are golden brown.

5. Now add red chillies and dry roast them. Add asefatida to it.
6. Keep them all aside to cool.

7. Roast everything in  a low flame.
8. Turn off the heat and put the salt on to the pan and roast it.
9. After everthing cools.
10. Grind the channa dal, red chillies, asefatida, salt into a good powder.
11. To it add the dry raosted coconut and grind them well.
12. Spread them on to a sheet and cool them for 5 min and put it inside a air tight container.

Serve it with hot rice & ghee/til oil.
Tip: You can use copra or dry coconut also.

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