Sep 20, 2011


Parankikai/Red pumpkin - 200gms diced

Tamarind - 100gms
Toor dal - 50gms
Channa dal - 1/4 cup
Red dry chilly - 5-6
Dhania/Coriander seeds - 20gms
Methi/Fenugreek seeds - 5gms
Oil - 5-6 tbs
Green chillies - 2
Curry leaves
Mustard seeds - 5gms
Asafatida - 1/4tps
Turmeric powder - 1tbs
Coconut grated -10gms

1. De-seed & peel the skin of red pumpkin and dice them into cubes
2. Slit the green chillies/
3. Soak the tamarind in water and extract the pulp.
4. In a pan dry roast the channa dal, red chilly, asafatida, fenugreek.
5. Once they turn brown add the coconut that is grated to it and dry roast them.
6. Do all the roasting in lw flame sot hat they dont burn away.

7. Cool them down and grind them into paste.
8. Now in another pan add oil mustard seeds, red chillies 2-3, asafatida.
9. Once they splutter add curry leaves, green chillies and then red pumpkin.
10. Saute them for 1 min.
11. Add the tamarind extract.
12. Bring them to boil till the metallic taste of tamarind fades away.
13. To it add turmeric powder, salt, boiled Toor dhal & the ground masala.
14. Keep stirring well.  and bring them to boil.

Serve hot with white rice.

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