Sep 20, 2011


Peerkangai in Tamizh,Ridge Gourd in English,Turai or Tori in Hindi, Jhinga in Bengali, Beera kaya in Telugu, Heeray kayi in Kannada, peechinga in Malayalam, Dodaka or Ghosavala in Marathi, and Ghosale in Konkani. - 2 big

Channa Dal/Kadalai parupu - 25gms
Whole red chilly / Vathal segapu mellagai - 4
Tamrind/Puli/Imli/- 1 small round ball
Asefatida - 1/4tsp
Refined oil- 2tps
Salt - 1/2 tbs
Water - 1/4 cup

1. Peel off the ridge gourd / peerkangai's skin and cut them into small semi circles.
2. In a pan add oil. Once its heated up add channa dal and fry them till golden brown.
3. To it add red chillies and saute them.
4. Add a pinch of asefatida and put the tamrind ball and saute.

5. Keep them aside and cool them.
6. In the same pan saute the peerkangai / ridge gourd and saute for 1 min.

7. Keep aside and cool it.
8. In a mixer add the channa dal mixture and grind them coarsely without adding water.
9. To it add salt and again grind it.
10. Then add the peerkangai and run the mixer again.
11. If you feel the thovayal needs bit more water to get it ground add small portions of water.
12. Run the mixer again.
Your Peerkangai thuvayal is ready.

Mix well with hot ghee/til oil rice and enjoy the taste.

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