Sep 20, 2011


Coconut grated - 2cups
Sugar - 1 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder - 1/2tsp
Ghee/clarified butter - 1cup

1. Brake open the coconut shell and grate it. Approx 2cups.
2. In a heavy bottom pan or non-stick pan add 2tbs of ghee.
3. Heat well and add the coconut. Saute well.
4. Saute till the coconut mixes well with ghee.
5. Now add sugar on to it. Let it melt well.
6. Keep stirring continuously well.
7. Once the coconut and sugar mixes well keep adding ghee 1tbs by 1tbs from remaining ghee bowl.
8. Add any natural food colour to the mixer. Add cardamom powder to it.
9. In a plate rub ghee in order to pour mixer.
10. Once the mixer comes like half ball. Pour it on to the plate.
11. Spread well. Cool it in room temperature. Cut slices when it is half dried.

Your delicious coconut burfi is ready to eat.
Its a traditional dish of South Indians.

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