Sep 19, 2011

WHITE PUMKIN & TOMATO PHULKA (Doodhi aur Tamatar ke Phulke)

Ingredients mentioned below is for making  5-10 Phulkas.

Wet Ingredients:
White Pumpkin - 1 (Semicircular hard piece pumkin-Finely grated)
Tomato - 1 (Red & fully ripe-finely grated)
Curd- 1 tbs
Green Coriander - 3-4 strings (Finely Chopped)
Green Chilly - 1 (If required- Deseed the chilly and dice finely)

Dry Ingredients:
Atta Flour - 3 medium size cups
Amchoor Powder - 1/4 tps (Dry Mango powder)
Salt - As per taste (Add bit low salt than normal for flavour enhancement)
Oil- 1/2 tps
Ghee- 2tbs (for each phulka)

Method / Vidhi:
1. In a bowl take the white pumpkin hard piece grated well after peeling off its skin.
2. Grate the ripe tomoto also on it.
3. Add coriander leaves which were finely chopped & Green chilly to it.
4. Squeeze of the excess water from the vegetables and keep the water aside.

1.On to the squeezed vegetable mixture add Atta flour,Amchoor powder & salt.
2.Mix well & add curd to it.
Caution : do not add water to the mixture as white pumpkin leaves water when left for sometime.
3. Make a tight dough and keep it aside for 5-10 min.
4. If the dough is bit dry add the squeezed vegetable water 1 or 2 tps to it.Add a bit of oil to the mixture.
5. Make small balls of the mixture and flatten each roll using flour to coat on in.
Do not dust too much of flour to roll.
6. Pre heat the tawa and put  the flatten dough on it. Once one side starts showing light brown spots add 2 tps of ghee to it and shallow fry it.
ve hot with any gravy which has a tangy taste.

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